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Swimming Leaderboard - Last Four Weeks

Pace, stroke rate and SWOLF are only calculated for those who have swum at least 3.2km with recorded data in the period.

SWOLF is based on the swimming SWOLF score: seconds plus strokes to cover 50m
T.Dist=Total Distance, L.Dist=Longest Swim, A.Dist=Average Swim
Streak is best run of consecutive days with at least a single swim of 15 mins or more each day.

1Brigitte Melly17253.14.53.11:34327313:58
2Víctor Lázaro16549.95.03.11:23  11:36
3Lee Charles 13242.34.63.31:38347811:38
4Julie Demers25342.15.01.71:43317912:10
5Luis Matos Ferreira19733.64.31.82:213010713:14
6Bernard Koh13531.14.62.41:56  10:04
7john giddings271029.91.91.13:26  17:10
8Mary Duprey #COEURSPORTS #DedeGriesbauer@JDCoaching #AltRed12229.13.12.42:153210410:58
9Ginny Ackiewicz11
10a_TRI_ called_QUEST14526.52.31.91:4931838:02
11Peter Patterson6224.78.94.12:0626918:40
12Marc Cerrone12
13Sebastian Bananas12322.92.81.92:37  10:01
14Jonalyn Forman11
15Darlene Burke9
16Shannon Porges #BSTT #FxckCancerTriTeam #BASE11220.32.01.82:17291027:46
17María P11219.52.21.82:1527987:22
18Rene Kottlowski |  MyTriathlonSport.com8
19Lourdes Garcia Santillan10218.82.41.92:23321097:28
20Clare Labowitch11218.51.91.72:54241238:59
21Craig Louis - INFINIT Performance10218.53.01.81:48  5:35
22Eric Davis (Eliel Factory Team)6
23sharon perl olshvang12
24Angie Anderson15214.41.51.02:29321146:00
25Crystal Zamfino9213.92.01.53:22291507:47
26Pedro🏃‍♂️Caio 🏃‍♂️Gonçalves10213.81.51.42:17281015:16
27Nicoiu Ovidiu8
28Marcus Tait9212.72.01.41:42  3:38
29Stephan van Dijk6
30Megan Tobin9212.42.81.42:17311044:43
31Mary Micolites15312.41.10.81:4829803:44
32Alexander Krebs5  4:39
33Theresa Mcclatchey8
34Liz Nguyen9211.62.01.33:30  6:46
35Amy Sand3agger Ross6
36Dung Béooo11210.71.61.03:07261345:36
37James Penson3  3:48
38Nguyen cao cuong10
39Kelly cory738.61.71.22:32231063:40
40Lara Wines4
41Michele Keane6
42Rebecca DeCerbo728.12.21.22:35  3:30
43Michael Richter427.82.71.92:20281033:02
44Beth Naso Ambrosini727.71.91.12:1726982:56
45vivian workman7  2:44
46Miguel Pastor4
47Nicky Scott4
48Pascale Nicolas3  3:06
49Tim Szafran4
50Ian Turnbull6
51Eu Vargas526.72.31.32:35  2:53
52Petit BRETON9
53Melanie Kopp2
54Amy Regan3
55Chrisy Tang3  1:59
56Nguyễn Thanh Hưng3  3:25
57RaTasha Tee8  3:15
58Mike Kirkmire2
59Michelle Lawrence2  1:43
60Lesli  Hiller3
61Jasmine Moezzi | IRaceLikeAGirl2  1:22
62Kristi Covalciuc2  1:25
63Stuart Curtis3  1:22
64Cris Francis 🇬🇧 🎽2
65Lars R.323.81.71.32:24281051:31
66Taryn Fisher BettySquad20 🦋💕☠️2
67Kate Bayne323.71.41.23:01271321:53
68Staci Murphy2
69Chris McQueen3  1:39
70Lisa Skiver5  1:22
71João Carlos Correia 🇵🇹3
72Quan Le423.41.10.84:04  2:17
73Adrian Stanley2   1:01
74Sarah Grange1   48
75Nancy Annibale2   1:21
76Minh NT8   1:33
77Arnon Wee2   1:13
78Thang Vo2   1:34
79November  Rain2   1:14
80Michelle Brenton 5   1:03
81Hà Link11   51
82Phu Lai532.71.10.5   2:11
83Liem Tran Ngoc Duy5   1:18
84Mitja Urbanija 🇸🇮1132.60.40.2   3:38
85Hưng Trịnh Việt2   1:07
86Benoit Rostagni322.51.20.8   54
87Bien Nguyen5   43
88Lori Mayer3   1:35
89GA Khong LO222.41.31.2   51
90Abdu El-mahry3   1:38
91Kelly  Schultz 3   1:18
92Hải Anh Bùi1   1:16
93Nick Collins1   44
94Le Bao5   2:15
95Tim Kirby721.80.50.3   4:26
96Edward Twinn2   39
97Jorge ‘Magoo’ Gomes 🇵🇹8   1:27
98Markus Höhne 🎱2   28
99Marcus Krueger1   44
100Robert M1   37
101Nguyễn Quốc Đoàn1   39
102David Chatwin2   40
103Bonita Ward2   1:05
104Kim Danahy2   20
105Gordon Christie1   21
106𝘛𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘫 𝘑𝘶𝘳𝘬𝘰𝘷š𝘦𝘬 🇸🇮1   32
107Tobi Scheller751.10.20.2   4:15
108Rocker Hanoi2   54
109Muhammad Basil Ahmad1   25
110Luke Stevens1   39
111Kenneth Whitehair1   22
112Iveta Simunekova3   40
113Leba Cohen3   22
114Pham Quynh3   55
115Sasha Bdki1   19
116Michal Turek3   31
117René Pitschke1   22
118Lee Hanyo1   18
119Gregor Braun2   23
120Ma'mun Nurcholil1   12
121Sonny Clifton1   20
122Federico D'Incà 🇮🇹🇫🇷🇰🇪🇦🇺🇸🇬 Pain is temporary failure is permanent 1   6
123Sue May Liow1   25
124Frank Steinmeyer1   17
125Jen Love1   9
126Quang Hai Vo1   17
127Gav Dodd1   12
128Terry Sale1   60
129Payton Henderson1   6
130Phill Holland1   34
131Khánh Nguyễn3   1:03
132Stu Berwick1   20
133Hawaiian Honu 🐢1   5
134Terry Tuznik1   3
135Nguyễn Xuân Thiên 🇻🇳1   13
136Fazlee M2   1:05
137Du Ka 🏃🏻‍♂️ 1   5
138Penny Jane Kilbey1   5
139Chrissy Pace1   2
140Vivien Dornberger1   1
141Fearne  Hanson 2   55
142José Calama1   1
143Erik Johansson (skidOgettot)1       0
144Kẹo Bông1       0
145Martin Fox 🇨🇿1       0

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