But doesn't Strava already do leaderboards?

Accessing Your Strava Account

Before you register ChaseTheLadder with your Strava account please note the following:

When you click Connect with STRAVA below you will be taken to and, if necessary, asked to log in.

You will then be presented with some information about ChaseTheLadder and also the access that ChaseTheLadder is requesting, as shown here.

The first level of access is to view your profile - all we are interested in is your name and gender for the leaderboards, nothing else.

The second level of access is to 'View data about your activites' - this is the basis of ChaseTheLadder, if you don't grant this access to us then there isn't much that we can do. We can't create a leaderboard without data. Please do not uncheck this option.

The third level of access is to 'Upload your activities from ChaseTheLadder to Strava'. We use this to add a short summary to your Strava activity description as shown below.

We DO NOT overwrite anything that may be in the description field and we certainly DO NOT upload any activites or modify existing activities in any other way. To get the most from ChaseTheLadder we suggest you leave this option ticked.

If you have any queries please get in touch at

Now it's time to Connect with STRAVA - click on the banner below.

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