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But doesn't Strava already do leaderboards?

New. Improved. Leaderboards.

Strava leaderboards are OK, but not brilliant. They don't show everything that we want to see, and their weekly reset makes them too transient. Remembering to review the leaderboard after each activity is too much hassle. So we decided to make our own.

Cutting to the chase: view the live leaderboard for Stainland Lions Running Club in England - follow the link to the ChaseTheLadder leaderboard on the right hand column of their site.

How Does ChaseTheLadder Work?

You sign up to ChaseTheLadder via Strava. You upload your activities to Strava. Strava notifies ChaseTheLadder. ChaseTheLadder creates your personal leaderboard - based on you and your friends' activities over the past 4 weeks.

We also update the leaderboards of the Strava clubs you are a member of.

A summary is sent to you via email on how your ranking has changed, as well as links to the detailed leaderboards.


  • Automatic* update on Strava** of summary info for an activity
  • Receive an email after each activity showing how your ranking has changed
  • A rolling 4 week leaderboard, it never ends, it's always up to date
  • Additional metrics not on the Strava leaderboards
  • Extra info such as where recent PRs came from
  • And it is 100% free

*You can stop and start updates at any time.

**We don't overwrite anything that might already be there.

The email provides a summary of the current leaderboard. A brief update on how your ranking has changed since your last activity - as others move up or down around you. You also see who is just above you and just below you - and by how much.

The email includes a link to the full leaderboard for your current activity. For the multi-discipline athletes you can quickly switch to see how you compare in other disciplines.

Which Activities Are Covered?

ChaseTheLadder is perfect for all runners, cyclists and swimmers. If you want to make sure that you are putting in the training effort then you have come to the right place. We focus on three Strava activities. You've guessed it: swimming, cycling and running - it's perfect for triathletes.

And for those who prefer their cycling indoors we also include VirtualRides such as Zwift sessions.

How Are Athletes Ranked?

The leaderboard summarises the last 4 weeks and is changing every minute. Every leaderboard has these columns, each of which is sortable:

  • Athlete - sorted by surname
  • Activities
  • Total Distance
  • Longest Activity Distance
  • Average Distance per Activity
  • Average Speed (cycling) or Pace (running and swimming)
  • Total Climb
  • Average Gradient
  • PRs - Personal Records achieved
  • Energy - Total kWh over 4 weeks (cycling only)
  • Power - Weighted Average Power (cycling only)
  • Cadence (cycling and running)
  • Total Moving Time

Note that speed/pace and average gradient are only calculated if you have completed a certain distance in the last 4 weeks.

Metric or Imperial?

Your Strava preference is used to determine the default measurement units for the leaderboard. But you can switch between metric and Imperial measures whenever you are viewing a leaderboard.

Note that swimming pace is measured as mins:secs per 100m (100 metres) even if Imperial measures are chosen.

All Around The World

100 recent ChaseTheLadder activities. Is your country / city on the map?

N.B. for privacy, precise locations are not shown.

Sign Up Here!

If you think ChaseTheLadder is for you, and you've read the privacy notices, then click to Connect with STRAVA.

Connect with STRAVA

Sign Up Here!

If you think ChaseTheLadder is for you, and you've read the privacy notices, then click to Connect with STRAVA.

Connect with STRAVA


Your privacy is important to us.

A leaderboard, by definition, is a list of names ranked in order. This means that if you sign up to ChaseTheLadder your name - and a link to your Strava profile - may appear on various leaderboards. If you are uncomfortable with this then ChaseTheLadder isn't for you. Please don't sign up.


Join our Strava Tri Club and once you have reached the qualifying distances in training you'll get access to our triathlete specific report.


Do you have your own club website?

If so, you can have have a link your very own ChaseTheLadder leaderboard on your club web site, with a fancy link like this:


Find Out More »

More on Privacy

We source our data from Strava, summarise it, and then report it via the leaderboards. No specific activity data is published.

If you create a private activity - Strava doesn't notify us.

If you update an activity to be private - Strava notifies us to delete it, and we do. Immediately.

Leaving :(

If you no longer wish to receive leaderboard updates, or don't want to be included in leaderboards then it's easy to do.

Log in to, then Settings->My Apps->ChaseTheLadder->Revoke Access.

All your ChaseTheLadder data will be deleted.